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Feb 23rd, 2018, 5:42pm

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Flaming Rose could feel the strength begin to ebb in her limbs. Never had she met with more challenging a place to travel than she was here at Mount Kara. That was why she was here thought, for the challenge. She had climbed a great distance up the mountain, finding very little trails and even less places for her to sit and take a bit of a breather. The young bodied fem did enjoy this challenge, she could, if she had too, resort to blessings, which the Ice Pack wolfess had yet to do even once. If she had found a dead end cliff edge she simply turned around and walked back down the trail. Winter was the most deadly time of year to traverse this mountain, and she could indeed see why. To her, it actually helped and the snow comforted her as she moved, long claws clinging to the ice, cold winds buffering her body. It was like a much more challenging climb of her home mountain. This was her very first time here, and she picked to challenge the mountain without knowing much about it. She had to say, she liked the mystery of it all it lead her to discovering how much she enjoyed not knowing things, learning again, and also how much she enjoyed a challenge. She always knew the later, but her age allowed her little to learn about anymore it was enthralling to know she didn't know everything. A silly thought perhaps, of course she didn't know everything. But everything normal in life, nothing really proved as a surprise to her anymore.

So that was indeed why she was here. Exploring, seeing something new, getting out. She had even picked what looked like the hardest side of the mountain to start on. It was exactly what the healer ordered, and Flaming Rose was indeed having fun. Her red paws felt the snow give now and then, and when this happened she pressed closer to the edge. She had slid down the cliff when she was closer to the base of the rugged mountain, it was something she learned quickly. A simple feeling of snow shifting just a fraction more than it should on the paw pad, it was all it took now. She picked her paw back up choosing to take a larger step forward over the weak snow and continued moving forward.

"This isn't so bad." She said panting lightly, more light in her eyes than ever as she stared at the icy white path, a toothy grin spitting her maw. She chided herself almost as quickly as she said it though, the narrow ledge she was making herself along gave way, the lapse in concentration and her one thingyy remark aloud made the fem slide and slip down the edge, paws slapping about rapidly trying to find a hold so she wouldn't roll or fall to her sides. She was losing ground, and that alone caused the red wolfess frustration. It felt like quite the fall until finally she felt solid surface under her legs, rolling as she touched it and being buried by a layer of snow. She was quick to recover, if she was older the fem was sure the slight pain in her hip would have been more than a potential bruise later and probably would have been complete dislocation. Thankfully, she was as youthful as she looked and her head popped from the snow and the fem was unharmed.

"Hmf!" Flaming Rose squirmed about, trying to wriggle her way out of the blanket of snow that had followed her down the cliff. She could resort to magic, it certainly would have looked more regal than the annoyed, frustrated looks she was putting on and her visible head flailing about like made. Her thick fur didn't allow any of the cold to seep through, and Flaming Rose was starting to wonder if this really was just a rest and blessing in disguise. She probably wouldn't have stopped moving otherwise. "Fine. I can take a hint!" She said after a few more moments of scrambling under the snow and struggling. She shifted her head around plopping it down on the drift of snow that was most comfortable for her, and simply watched the sky, feeling at home in the blanket of snow.

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