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Feb 22nd, 2018, 09:47am

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xx =Frosted-+-Stars= (Peril)
« Thread started on: Feb 13th, 2018, 01:10am »

Personality and the Basics

Name: Peril
Gender: Female
Species & Breed: Grey wolf/Husky
Sub-Species: (Vampire heart, Werewolf?) none
Age: (1 1/2 years)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Personality: A witty bundle of ferocity, fur, and fun all in one wolfdog, pridefulness and high expectations for other make this wolf/husky Peril. Nobody else would so calmly point out the flaws of a higher ranking's flaws and still make a remark on it without being embarrassed by disrespect. She holds a view of disloyal-until-otherwise-proven on most, if not all, creatures, making her a fairly decent judge. She trains the young somewhat harshly to show them to be models to the Pack, and hates that they do not share her understanding of a Pack's importance. She has a core belief that the Pack is the thing to be the best protected, more so than one's own life, something that makes it hard for her to understand why creatures break the code--It's simple enough, right?--for love in other Packs. She is a bit bossy when others don't follow the rules and keeps her own secrets without guilt, but it isn't too hard to understand her, seeing as very little of what she does isn't related to enforcing and leading Coral Flower Pack in some way. She can easily grow impatient but has developed a sense of self-control that is nearly unrivaled now. She may seem mysterious in some ways, but mainly she can appear intimidating and unapproachable because she tries to avoid being distracted from her Pack loyalty. She is difficult to make laugh, but those she somehow allows to be close to her know that it's because of a well-practiced mask she puts on to deter those who may be distractions. Peril has a very gloomy and menacing name, yes, but her nature is to serve justice, her Pack, and to protect her home. She hates wastefulness, rarely eating more than necessary to remain alive and functioning as to not take food out of the mouth of her Pack, well-fed as it may be. Overall, everything ties back to the place she was raised in and wants so dearly to lead in the correct direction.
Hobbies: Collect strange and obscure items, training her abilities,
Likes: Sparring, mythicals, making one smile,
Dislikes: Seeing others in unnecessary suffering, death, laziness, members of pack that don't understand pack value and needs
Fears: Coming Soon.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Coming soon.
Place of Origin: Mount Kara
Pack/Gang: Coral Flower Pack
Position/Rank: Alpha
Language: Humanlike Animal and Mythical language, also uses common body language
Home: In the two large fields of Coral Flower
Parents: (Who were their parents?)
Siblings: (Did they have any siblings?)
Relatives: (Any other family we should know about?)
Mate: (Do they have a mate?)
Offspring: (Do they have any offspring?)
History:(What is your character’s history?)

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: Unknown/Still debatable
Length: 6.5 nose to tail tip
Wingspan: 11 feet and 5 inches (when using wings, orbs to move faster when flying straight through heavy winds)
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Lavender, white, red, and black fur
Eyes: Beautiful Scarlet Red
Overall Appearance: (What is your draconiforme’s appearance? Anything not mentioned above. Pictures acceptable.)

Abilities and Strengths

1: Swap
2: Fly
3: Flamewings
4: Teleport
5: Growth
6: Firebreath
7: Ice Gaze
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