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Mar 19th, 2018, 09:07am

Map drawn by Fazzle :)

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 1   Character Profiles / *in*  on: Mar 3rd, 2018, 11:16pm
Started by FrancessBond | Post by Arodeth
Hey there! To register for WM, please post your character's information on the Name Registry board (http://www.boards2go.com/boards/board.cgi?user=NameRegistry). This board is just for adding optional, more descriptive profiles of your character(s).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. smiley

-Arod, LG
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 2   Character Profiles / Kyleze  on: Mar 3rd, 2018, 5:00pm
Started by FrancessBond | Post by FrancessBond
Charector name: Kyleze
charector side: good
Charector species: Grey wolf
Date of joining: 3/March/2018
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 3   Battle Clearing / =Frosted-+-Stars=  on: Feb 24th, 2018, 6:35pm
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
"Tell me mythical, are you happy with your owner?" Peril asked, staring up at the dragoness. Fatespeaker stepped back and looked away, not answering the question. If she had, Blackrose would punish her some way or another. Blackrose growled, eyes watching Peril closely. The Coral alpha had been passing by while her and Fate had been overpowering a pleading creature, begging to be released from certain death. Peril had stepped in and saved the poor powerless thing, and noticed that the could have been killer had a mythical with her. "I challenge you for the ownership of your dragon. Do you accept?" Peril announced. "Sure, if lost, your head is mine for taking my previous victim." Blackrose snarled and lunged forward, baring her teeth and planning to latch into the neck.

(time skip, transferring Fate to Peril)
Blackrose laid on the ground, panting and burn marks all over her body. "Dragon, come with me now dear." Peril said with a smile, then padding off why Fatespeaker quickly smiled.

(confusing and short, lazy, I know. Make more sense in future posting.)
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 4   Volcanic Wastelands / Bluestar's Death  on: Feb 22nd, 2018, 5:41pm
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
Bluestar stood waiting for Bloodsong, hoping to get a peace offering from ShadowClan. She turned her gaze to spot a dark figure padding for her, stopping only a few feet away from the cougar. "My, my you ARE stupid as I thought." Bluestar growled as the dark red eyed wolf said, turns out there was no alliance happening like she thought. "You see, we don't need another clan rising up and suddenly turning on us because of our darker fashions. So getting rid of the head before the group has a chance to thrive, would be the best course of action." Bloodsong grinned, as Hawkfrost and Thistleclaw came from the shadows. Bluestar stepped back, seeing as she was outnumbered by a muscular wolf and a leopard that was in fact larger then her. Bloodsong raised her tail, signaling her warriors to attack. Both obeyed and lunged for Bluestar, pinning her down as Bloodsong took hold of her scruff. Bluestar scrambled and thrashed, kicking and clawing but was silenced with a slash across her eye by Hawkfrost and she yowled in pain. Hawkfrost got off and clenched the cougar's tail in his jaws, while Thistleclaw stood by. They dragged Blue off, before quickly hurling her off into a lava pool. Lava splashed into the air, and the three murderers scrambled out of the way. "Well that's one down." Bloodsong said, before running back to her territory with the warriors fallowing.
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 5   Traydon River / Brambleclaw's Death  on: Feb 22nd, 2018, 4:55pm
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
Brambleclaw was backing up; wide eyed, backing up into the bush that Tigerclaw had been fighting behind. Tigerclaw unsheathed his claws, his amber eyes glittering. Surely it would be all right to kill Brambleclaw now? No StarClan warriors were around, they had all fled when the rocks fell, and he had sent Sandpaw back to the StarClan camp. Besides, he would be a great deputy of StarClan. He could tell the cats that Brambleclaw had died in the rock fall…or that Vinetail had killed Brambleclaw. The great tabby's mind was made up, and he waited, crouching in the bushes, his teeth bared and his claws unsheathed. Brambleclaw soon stumbled into the bushes, and Tigerclaw had him pinned down in an instant, his teeth bared. Brambleclaw blinked up at him, his eyes widening. "Tigerclaw! Great Gods, you scared me. It's just me, Brambleclaw; now get off me, you stupid furball. What do you think you were DOING when you disobeyed my order to run? You could have…"

But then, Tigerclaw silenced Brambleclaw with a swift slash to his chest. Blood blossomed up, and Brambleclaw stared up, shocked.

"Tigerclaw? What are you doing? It's me, Brambleclaw!" the tom's voice was panicky and pained, stunned.

Tigerclaw let out a chilling laugh. "I know that, Brambleclaw," he meowed ominously, amber eyes glittering, "I am going to kill you nevertheless." He lifted an unsheathed paw to bring down on Brambleclaw's throat, but the tom exclaimed: "But why? We've fought together! We were made warriors together! We shared our kit hood together! Why would you kill me, Tigerclaw?" The dark tabby purred maliciously. "Sorry about that Brambleclaw, but you see, I'm going to tell StarClan that you died bravely, doing your duty, crushed under that rock fall or killed by Vinetail. They'll never know…"

"But why are you trying to kill me?" Brambleclaw yowled, struggling to get up; but it was no use, the blow to his chest had weakened him.

"Because I want your rank," Tigerclaw snarled, anger glinting in his amber eyes, "you know that Lionstar should have appointed ME deputy when we succeeded on that mission together, but she chose you. Now, with your death, she's bound to choose me…good bye, Brambleclaw," he meowed quietly. In a flash, he brought a massive paw down on Brambleclaw's throat, claws out…

The tom let out a gurgling cry…

…Then stilled. Brambleclaw was dead.
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 6   River Danson / Rowanclaw's Death  on: Feb 22nd, 2018, 3:27pm
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
Blackrose had ordered her to go murder something and bring it back unscathed. Which was a strange order, but it had to be done. Fatespeaker glided through the winds of the skies, searching for her target. Eventually, her yellow eyes spotted a light brown male wolf, drinking from the river. The blue and black hybrid landed into the bushes, only a slight rumble of leaves but nothing else. She watched him for a moment, lunging forward, out of the bushes. Talons outstretched, before he could even scream, Fate grabbed him by his scruff and forced his head into the river. He struggled and thrashed, but wasn't able to escape because of her draconic strength. Two minutes passed, then four. He was gone. She pulled him out onto shore and took his scruff into her jaws, then, flying off.
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 7   Neutral / Flashback, do not respond.  on: Feb 19th, 2018, 9:10pm
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
The young pup stood menacingly in front of the rattlesnake, barking threats and bared useless teeth. The diamond back reptile hissed as it showcased it's own venomous fangs and used its muscles to pull into an almost standing position. Kestrel stood entirely still, not wanting to push the snake to strike her daughter. Chameleon. She thought. Chameleon was the one who told her that this place would be the safest to dwell, but never said anything about venomous snakes and poisonous plants. Peril was growling and standing tall like she didn't care if the reptile attacks, and she died as a a puppy. There would be no just stepping back and leaving the snake, it clearly wanted Peril for its next meal, but hadn't striked yet because of her obnoxious barking in defence to that. The rattler went low and shot it's head and neck forward, targeting one of her limbs. Just then, Kestrel leapt in the way and it bit her paw, and she felt the poison flow into her bloodstream like fire. The snake recoiled backwards, slithering away while it watched it's victim scream. Kestrel didn't have much time left, so she stood on her paws again and took Peril by the scruff. Padding quickly away into the distance to take her to a safer place for Peril before she would succumb to the venomous bite.
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 8   Wolf Mountain / Panther Spirit  on: Feb 13th, 2018, 03:15am
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
Being dead was, well... somewhat miserable, in a sense. The panther floated, somewhat phased thorough the lands of Wolf Mountain. She died to the claws of a dragon, while exploring in a land in which only dragons could roam free. Midnight star couldn't eat, taste, feel, or use blessings. The panther sat by a cliff, laying rather lazily on the edge. There was no boundaries or risks in her book, no longer any of that, she's already dead and now she can't feel pain either.
(lazy and short, I know.)
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 9   Character Profiles / =Frosted-+-Stars= (Peril)  on: Feb 13th, 2018, 01:10am
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
Personality and the Basics

Name: Peril
Gender: Female
Species & Breed: Grey wolf/Husky
Sub-Species: (Vampire heart, Werewolf?) none
Age: (1 1/2 years)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Personality: A witty bundle of ferocity, fur, and fun all in one wolfdog, pridefulness and high expectations for other make this wolf/husky Peril. Nobody else would so calmly point out the flaws of a higher ranking's flaws and still make a remark on it without being embarrassed by disrespect. She holds a view of disloyal-until-otherwise-proven on most, if not all, creatures, making her a fairly decent judge. She trains the young somewhat harshly to show them to be models to the Pack, and hates that they do not share her understanding of a Pack's importance. She has a core belief that the Pack is the thing to be the best protected, more so than one's own life, something that makes it hard for her to understand why creatures break the code--It's simple enough, right?--for love in other Packs. She is a bit bossy when others don't follow the rules and keeps her own secrets without guilt, but it isn't too hard to understand her, seeing as very little of what she does isn't related to enforcing and leading Coral Flower Pack in some way. She can easily grow impatient but has developed a sense of self-control that is nearly unrivaled now. She may seem mysterious in some ways, but mainly she can appear intimidating and unapproachable because she tries to avoid being distracted from her Pack loyalty. She is difficult to make laugh, but those she somehow allows to be close to her know that it's because of a well-practiced mask she puts on to deter those who may be distractions. Peril has a very gloomy and menacing name, yes, but her nature is to serve justice, her Pack, and to protect her home. She hates wastefulness, rarely eating more than necessary to remain alive and functioning as to not take food out of the mouth of her Pack, well-fed as it may be. Overall, everything ties back to the place she was raised in and wants so dearly to lead in the correct direction.
Hobbies: Collect strange and obscure items, training her abilities,
Likes: Sparring, mythicals, making one smile,
Dislikes: Seeing others in unnecessary suffering, death, laziness, members of pack that don't understand pack value and needs
Fears: Coming Soon.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Coming soon.
Place of Origin: Mount Kara
Pack/Gang: Coral Flower Pack
Position/Rank: Alpha
Language: Humanlike Animal and Mythical language, also uses common body language
Home: In the two large fields of Coral Flower
Parents: (Who were their parents?)
Siblings: (Did they have any siblings?)
Relatives: (Any other family we should know about?)
Mate: (Do they have a mate?)
Offspring: (Do they have any offspring?)
History:(What is your character’s history?)

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: Unknown/Still debatable
Length: 6.5 nose to tail tip
Wingspan: 11 feet and 5 inches (when using wings, orbs to move faster when flying straight through heavy winds)
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Lavender, white, red, and black fur
Eyes: Beautiful Scarlet Red
Accessories: http://img.shein.com/images/shein.com/201603/1457660369259945286.jpg
Overall Appearance: (What is your draconiforme’s appearance? Anything not mentioned above. Pictures acceptable.)

Abilities and Strengths

1: Swap
2: Fly
3: Flamewings
4: Teleport
5: Growth
6: Firebreath
7: Ice Gaze
8: Mitternatch
9: Star

Fatespeaker - Black Wild/Blue Back hybrid • Neutral • Played by me
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 10   Traydon River / =Frosted-+-Stars=  on: Jan 28th, 2018, 02:34am
Started by Lunadas | Post by Lunadas
Peril stood by the river that flowed downstream into Coral Flower Pack. This was how far the pack territory reached, almost touching Earth Pack and Shama Forest. She just simply got curious to where exactly did the river that parted one portion of territory from the other lead to. But by the looks of it, it stretched far from her sight and probably entered to other territories as well. She watched the rushing water, relaxed by the soothing noise. She went back to the border, marking the territory as her pack's since the last marking it had was faint and old. Peril looked back, noticing something glittering. She spotted it, whatever it was, it seemed to have been caught by a fallen tree branch. She floated over the river, then grabbing it with her teeth and bringing it back to land. It was a silver chain attached to a silver cresent shape. Inside the shape was a blue stone tied tightly to the edge of it. It was a necklace, but one she'd never seen. Pulling a paw over her head, she swung it over her head and fit the necklace on her. Somehow, for some reason, it hung beautifully and perfectly like it was meant for her. She smiled, eyeing it on her chest. Then, deciding to keep it, she turned around; heading back to her territory.
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