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Feb 22nd, 2018, 09:41am

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« Thread started on: Feb 26th, 2010, 7:06pm »

Even in the dead of winter the ground was scorching hot on the top of Wolf Mountain, ever since the day Lestat chose to blow the peak. The rather average sized black wolf walked calmly on gold paws, carrying himself easily and relaxed. The heat of this area seemed unable to affect him despite his thick, Ice Pack winter coat. Years of gruesome training could do that to a wolf, giving him a formidable endurance to many things. And this place was just one more thing to endure, another challenge that was long since tested and conquered. But it was always good to keep your body in shape and used to different things.

The wolf stopped, glancing around the hazy flattened peak with a neutral expression. He scented the air, finding it rather void of unfamiliar scents. Not many creatures traversed this minefield of molten rock and dust, the peak of Wolf Mountain having become a desolate wasteland ever since the explosion. But what better a place to escape to?
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Akuma had her wings spread out full, catching all the wind currents and glided with ease. The land ehre was hot, and since the warmer air was always rising, Akuma barely had to flap. She was still an adolescent, but growing and maturing quickly. Her scales were a dark Platinum and were highly reflective, allowing her to blend into the sky. Her mistress had been away, not letting her or her adopted brother, Desmond and Mac, to accompant her. Sure she was learning through trial and error, training and fighting with them almost nonstop now. They didn't despise one another, but merely fought out of boredom. She had restricted them to the packlands only, no exceptions. A sudden gust of heated air shot upwards and caught her off guard. Her reaction time was perfecting though, so with a balancing flick of her speared tail she balanced herself. The spiked ridge along her back had a different hue, a lighter silver one that the dark metalic that was the rest of her body. The sunlight glinting off her scales felt nice, energizing her. Her eyes scanned the ground below, finding nothing for a while. The steely grey, dark silver and stormy metallic hues and shades of her eyes bore down onto the earth, and finally identified another being. Curiosity piqued, she adjusted course and started her descent. She did not want to appear as stalking up from above and possible make the brute hostile towards her, so she gave an audible flap of her wings. Her mistress taught her respect to all beings until she was able to handle herself better, but that was hardly needed to be said. She was some-what gentle by nature, the some-what coming into the picture because of her day-to-day spars with Desmond and Mac. She landed with a muffled thud at a respectable distance away from the wolf.

"Greetings Stranger," came the sound of her voice in an in introduction. "Akuma." she finished with her name. She didn't have much the chance to fine tune her social skills, so after her statement she gave a confused flick of her tail. She folded her wings to her back but looked to the stranger with a confident yet still guarded air to her.
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