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Feb 22nd, 2018, 09:42am

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xx Alive As Can Be Expected
« Thread started on: Aug 28th, 2010, 8:44pm »

Some creatures should just have the common decency to die. They contributed nothing to anyone and to add the icing to the cake they were just plain unsanitary to have around. The old wolf if you could still call him that dragged himself through over the hardened magma. He looked as if he was going to fall apart at any moment with large clumps of fur hanging off his coat and randomly exposed, unhealthy-looking skin.

SoulSnacher was in a rather good mood. At least, it was a good mood for him. War had fed him a few field mice before she had left him to go out and hunt for herself. With the entire afternoon to himself, Snacher felt like seeing what this black place was. Sure, he had noticed it a few years ago when it had come into existence. But he had never had the energy to drag himself this far away from his den.

Lately Snacher was feeling more . . . motivated. He could feel the tug of his nature more forcefully than ever. When Puffy had brought him back to life, the old wolf was content with just being alive for a time. The enjoyment of being able to interact with the world around you takes a while to wear off. Recently though Snacher had a new craving -- a craving for trouble, death, and power.

The only question now was: How?
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