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Character in Play: Taniku
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Taniku came to the wastelands once every blue moon. Since the whole attempt of destroying the mountain for that collie a long time ago, the wastelands seemed to have grown. Taniku had grown used to the mountain. She had been trusted as one of it's guardians and has given it new inhabitants three times since her coming here. She had grown a duty to the mountain. She floated fondly over her memories and rested squarely on Tov and her family. She didn't think it was possible to be happy with one feline. She honestly thought she was in capable of loving anyone for longer than it took to give birth. Tov was different. She wasn't sure how but he was a good mixture of interest and mystery.

Here in the wastelands today Taniku would practice her lava blessing. She found a still active part of the wastelands. The portal bubbled and moved and burst into flames. Taniku took her paw and drew out some lava moving it within a tight circle in front of her. She could feel the use of fire and earth within her pull at her energy. She had been doing this most often...and id didn't tire her out as much as it used to. She wasn't close to fainting anymore but she could still feel the tiredness that floated through her. She smiled at the thought of going back to her pack. She knew it would soon be time for she and Tov to leave the Earth pack as well but it would be much much later than Bandido. Still it was a conversation she would have to have with Tov, They search out and claim their own territory. See how he felt about that...where they could go with that. It was a really nice idea...but could she really do it?...that meant she'd have to replace her pack gained blessing....but did she really want to get a new set of wings?

But those thoughts were far in the back of her mind. That was years down the line and she and Tov had three now adult children that would want to make sure their parents were near to seek guidance from. She finished practicing holding the lava in one shape when it clearly wanted to explode out, with it's minute explosions within it's sphere it was radiating a lot of heat. Now she worked on molding it into shapes. First was simple, rain drops, the lava split into many nearly a hundred tiny pieces and fell like rain around her. She called them all back to her, she could feel the energy drain when she command it in such a way. She molded into three arrow like shapes and sent them flying to a nearby dead tree...sending it up in flames. The tree left in ash and Taniku went and used green paw to start the growth of a new tree...it's tiny shoot came up quickly. Having used most of her energy on commanding the lava she decided not to have the tree grow into adult hood so she stopped it as a sapling and would allow nature to handle the rest.

Having trained so intensely Taniku found a quiet spot where she could watch the explosions without having to use lava to avoid them. Taniku sat and watched the colorful expression of the earth near the edge of the wastelands. It was a nice place to end her training before she had to leave to return home.
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