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Nov 24th, 2017, 08:24am

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A large figure swept over the land, soaring over the barren lands. Shadowheart was young, but growing at a fast rate. Her sense of curiosity of the world only grew stronger each moment she stayed in her father's lair. So, she found herself here. Sneaking out of the caves, she took off at a random direction which lead her to the dead and silent wastelands such as this one. Passing over another pool of death, she took the moment to enjoy her surroundings. Usually, Devil's tomb was practically freezing for her, no wander it was also named 'Ice tomb'. The dragon couldn't help but wander... What would happen if she suddenly jumped into one of those lava pools? Death or relaxation? She was a dragon so why not? Of course, she couldn't help but notice her flaws. Her scales may protect her but her leathery wings would shrivel away and her talons would burn to black or brown. So let's not try that. She sighed, it was boring here to be honest. She had no company nor any entertainment. That was partly the reason why she had left the caves for a short time. Shadowheart landed on the ground, examining the landscape. Yep, still dead. Sitting down, she relaxed her muscles and let the heat wash over scales. The warmth was calming, she then went into a half slumber. Yawning was the last movement for those minutes.
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