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Post by Seg on Oct 30th, 2009, 03:01am

The fast growing commom griffin flew over the charred ground. Something about it was comforting to her. Perhaps the camoflage that the red lava gave to her was like a welcome. Her own satiny feathers were just as red and covered in a pasty dust as well. She was new to the whole preening thing. She would look nicer on another day in the future but for now it would do.
She landed gracefully onto a dusty black rock and chimed into the air. She knew her brother was close. They were never far apart. They had hatched only secounds from one another and had never been more then a mile away. Now she was in a mood for a chat with her better half.
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Post by Lucky on Oct 30th, 2009, 03:09am

Gambit was in fact quite a ways above his sister. His dark red plumage nearly camouflaging him in the smokey sky. He flew behind and above Phoenix so as to watch out for her. Shehad a habit of getting into trouble. Here they were flying above the volcanic wastelands.
He saw Phoenix land and heard her call. She wanted to talk.
Gambit sighed. She would either be civil or she wouldnt be. His sister was quite bipolar at times.
The dark red common gryphon swooped and dived. He aimed for the rock adjacent to his sisters. At the last secong he flared his wings and settled in a crouch on the rock.
"Yes Sister?" He asked, directing his piercing red eyes at his sister, his tail flicked.
Post by Seg on Oct 30th, 2009, 4:26pm

"Dear brother Gambit i believe we have outgrown are loving parents." She said twisting her head to look at something behind them.
"Perhaps we can find a wonderful waste of a land full of little minions to reign over." She said. A gleam in her black eyes. She was the kind of creature that always wanted more.
Phoenix looked at her growing brother. He would be bigger then her. Stronger. Even though she wanted power she would have kept her brother close even if he wasnt strong.
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Post by Lucky on Oct 31st, 2009, 12:30pm

"You know, dear Sister, I do believe you are right," Gambit agreed with the same gleam in his eye.

He stood on his back paws and streched his impressive dark red wings as wide as they would go. He streched his legs. Then his neck and back. His thoughts went back over the past days they had spent flying around and the rumors he had heard floating up from below. They had spoke of a Fire Pack. He had never heard of it below but it sounded like the type of place his sister wanted...

"I think, Dear Sister, that i know of the perfect place. A place the wolves call Fire Pack. Sounds perfectably suitable for our needs. What do you think?"
Post by Seg on Nov 2nd, 2009, 02:11am

"Fire?" Phoenix said with a stupid smile. "Your right. It does have a nice ring to it."
Phoenix stretched her wings too. Then her hind end slowly like a cat that had been sleeping for to long.
"So Brother, would you like to lead. Im not really in the mood. I know how you love to." Her voice was full of sarcasum and love.
She looked back towards the mountain they were born. Their parents would not miss them, well not to much. Besides they would come home to see them sometimes. On another matter they were so infatuated with each other they wouldnt even notice their fledglings were far past taken flight.
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Post by Lucky on Nov 2nd, 2009, 02:27am

Gambit happened to here certain rumors on the location of Fire as well. So it was prudent that he lead. He would have suggested it but Phoenix had first.

"Yes Sister, i believe i will." Gambit said with a laugh.

He launched himself into the air, pumping the air with his dark red wings and soaring up into the clouds. He swooped and dove and leveled out and headed towards the Land of Fire. Looking behind him to see if his sister had followed or not he called,
"Come on Phoenix, keep up."
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Post by Scarlet Amaya on Jan 24th, 2014, 03:03am

I threw my head back and flapped my wings. I let out a long sad, deep lonely howl. When I finished I drooped my head and walked away. A few moments later a giant volcano towered over me. "My natural habitat!" I leapt up and down and ran as fast as I could. The heat made me want to sink down and just relax. The smoke entered my nose and I took a deep breath. I collapsed then blacked out for a few moments. I got back up, but that instant a rock flew straight to me. I tried to run away and-CRACK! The rock slammed into my back. I howled in pain and was sent rolling down the volcano. I lay sprawled at the end of the volcano. The last thing I heard was flapping wings then blackness. Blackness clouded over my eyes

(im horrible at RP'ing embarassed undecided cry)