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smiley The Dragon Tripped on His Own Wings
« Thread started on: Dec 2nd, 2007, 4:14pm »

Newly Accepted to the Earth pack Taniku now wandered the lands to get a feel for what, who and where to avoid. Confident that if she had to she could call for help or out run her asalent. But today was more of a motherly role agenda. Taniku had happened apon a Smokey Gray Dragon Egg sometime ago and watched as it hached that night. Aparently it had been alone for sometime.

"Mother where are we going?" Tumatri asked as he tripped over his own wings. The tigress ever so attentive to the hatchling lifted him up and folded his wings for him. apparently he didn't get that part yet.

"I'm not your mother i'm your Elder."she had said once again sure it fell on deaf ears she had explained his role to her and hers to him several times before this day. "we are going to River Danson the edge of the Earth Pack Realm" she said turing to the left past the tree.

Taniku had never had someone depend heavily on her, it felt kind of nice with no cubs of her own and no other tiger she knew of she was happy to have the little clumbsy dragon follow her. Soon after they reached the Rivers edge she stepped into the water and turned to the shore. She wouldn't allow him him the current was much to fast it was only because of her massive body weight that she wasn't swept away herself but she did feel the strain of holding herself up. "Get on" She said placing her head down so he can climb up. ironic a dragon on a tiger's head she thought soon it won't be long before she's the one being carried around although she wouldn't test the dragon that way.

"Are We there yet" Tumatri asked as they crossed the river. He was a good balance and didn't move much on top of her head but Taniku still told him to be still i guess more motherly than calm. They reached the shore across river. Taniku sat allowing the moving wobbly dragon roll down her back. She shook the water off her. This should be far enough, she thought looking at the small lizards running abundant on the ground.

The had arrived. it was a bonding moment for them. Tumatri would have to learn to be loyal to her.

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