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Always there to help, yes he was. Joy always wanted to help the needy, the poor, the helpless, and sick. Problem was his 'helping' wasn't at all useful. In fact, his technique was quite dangerous sometimes.

"One little bunny ran down his hole--run little bunny, run!" Joy sang. "Coyote took one hole while the badger had another--oh, no, little bunny! And both of them ripped the little bunny in two--little bunny was lovely stew!" This morbid ending sent Joy into a fit of giggles. Other times his song left him crying. Then there were times when he thought the song was dumb all together and he couldn't figure out why he sang something so boring.

"Hello, fishy." Joy stood at the bank. There were no fish, but they were somewhere in there. "Come here," he growled, "or I'll come in."

The wolf was the color of green decay. All of his body seemed ill cared for, and his fur was ratting on his belly. His right eye bulged, lazily looking to his side. What should have been white was the color of ink. His other eye was normal. Both were the color of baby grass.

"Oh," Joy moaned out innocently, "the ground is wet." He lifted his paws and tiptoed gingerly over bony soil and brown grass. "Icky. This place is flooding with goo. I'm sure it's nothing a good dose of ivy can't fix and maybe," he smacked his lips, "some delicious bunnies."

Joy continued to tiptoe around in uncertain direction.
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