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The ivory brute walked tottered along with what seemed like no care in the world, light blue eyes sparkling in the morning sun. "Good morning, birds!" he called to the trees filled with the sound of morning calls. "Good morning, wind!" he said as a warm breeze lifted his coat. "Good morning, Earth!" He called to nothing in specific, spinning around lightly on his paws. As he stopped, he came face to face with a rabbit. "Good morning, fella," he said with a smile and wag of his long ivory tail. "It's a good day to be alive!" he nuzzled the rabbit and gave another twirl on his feet, stopping to face the little brown langumorph once more. "You're a cute little bunny, yes you are," he cooed. The bunny twitched it's nose and stared with it's little black eyes. The ivory wolf smiled at his new friend. "I am Cael'Anon."

FWOOSH! With a quick burst of flames, the bunny was but a chared pile of ash and bone. Cael's face dropped in horror as he stared at the blackened pile of what had been his newest friend. Jaw still dropped, the ivory colored wolf looked up and around to spot a large black tiger but ten yards distance away. "AHH HA HA HA HAHA!" he heard the feline let out some manic laughter. He watched as the feline approached with tears in his completely white eyes, seemingly giddy.

"You should have seen your face!" he said in a voice that sounded like it belonged to a serpant, a look of sheer glee on his black features. As he approached closer, flashes of light lit up his pelt to show the slightly darker black stripes that marked the large feline's body. "Priceless.." he whiped the tears from his stranged white eyes, tail giving a comical lash behind him. A sudden expression of wonder crossed his features. "I wonder if I did it again if it would still be funny?" He seemed to be talking to himself at this point, looking from the smoking pile of rabbit remain to Cael. A twisted look of just sheer enjoyment was displayed as he pictured in again in his mind.

The ivory wolf shook his head to clear his thoughts, a look of anger on his face. The tiger was enjoying this? How dare he take the lives of others into his own hands for sport! Cael growled, a lip lifting to show his teeth. "How DARE you! What if he had a family!?" The wolf's voice cracked a bit at the horror as he imagined a bunch of starving bunnies somewhere waiting for their father to return. His lip quivered but he remained staring at the black Tiger with a sense of chivalry.

The tiger shook his head to come out of his own little transe, a curious brow raised. "I already took care of that," he said rather cheery, looking over his shoulder to a smoking rabbit hole the ten yards away where he had been. He watched Cael's jaw drop even further. "What?" he asked, a completely innocent look on his face. The tiger rather wondered what that look was for, not really sure what the wolf's problem was.

"Prepare yourself!"
the wolf yelled to the tiger, body standing tall once more. "For I, Cael'Anon, defender of the weak will show you a lesson! The lives of others are not to be used for sport, Vile Creature!"

The tiger stared in amused disbelief, eerie white eyes taking in the sight. He let out a little laugh that escalated into a roaring tantrum of laughter. As it settled, he spoke, breath suddering with the laughter. "Cute," he said, settling into a composed state. "Really, I appreciate your vigor.." He brushed bye the ivory wolf so called Cael'Anon, holding in some extra laughter.

Cael was shocked at the Tiger's reaction, almost horrified that he took no fright or defense. His face contorted in anger even further, lips twisting into a snarl. "Who-who are you!?" he demanded, completely bewildered by the stranger's actions.

"Me?" The black tiger stopped, turning his head to look over his. His large paws shuffled and he did a complete about face, white eyes looking right through the wolf. "I am RICHARD! He striked a pose, standing tall and looking off into the distanced.

Cael stood still for the moment, seemingly in shock. His body gave a small lurch, then another.. And then it came, a strong bout of laughter. The wolf lost control and fell to the ground, rolling in hysteria. [b]

Richard growled to himself, feeling like he should kill this idiot for his imputence.. But thought maybe making the rest of his days a living hell more worthwhile. A small twisted smile crossed his face.
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