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Character in Play: Amaterasu

Amaterasu did not venture far from Earth as of late. In her heart, she did not feel the need to. The pack was large enough with a variety of terrains within it that there really wasn't the urge to explore on her part either. The common griffin was actually quite content to sun bathe on a large enough rock at times, especially now that spring had arrived. It was in the coming of spring that she had the urge to venture out. The white mythic wasn't sure where the urge had come from, but it was there all the same. As a result, she soared through the skies over her home before she spied the River Danson.

She had no urge to cross far out of Earth, so this place would do just fine. She coasted downward, landing lightning on the ground, her eagle talons followed by her feline hindquarters. A spring breeze brought a mixture of smells, from the newly blossoming flowers and the birds in the trees. Her blue eagle eyes spied even the little creature families coming out of the burrows and such to enjoy the time of year. Lucky for them, she was not hungry, or else they might be running for their lives. Amaterasu was a gentle soul, but she would still kill to eat. This moment was not a hunting moment.

The chirping of birds, rustling of little things, and the smell of spring was all that was required at this moment in time. The griffin folded her wings to her side and walked along. It was truly a beautiful day and she intended to enjoy it to the fullest.
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