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« Thread started on: Oct 19th, 2010, 8:07pm »

((Characters In Play: Scimitar, Kattari, Valor, Brigade, Pierce))

The pair had grown well under the care of Bandit’s Rage in the Gatherer’s Lands. Both had become rather valuble since their arrival and still they were growing. Only teens still the brother-sister pair were almost a perfect match as a tag team. Kattari was born slender and small, though she was growing tall as she grew older, but still not much in terms of bulk. On the other paw she was very intelligent and good with talking to others no matter the situation, a good thing to be when a gatherer. It wasn’t looking down on Scimitar though. He too was growing big but more in a way that his father was.. Both in bulk and size, muscular but still able to smooth talk what he wanted out using his own form of charm and if charm didn’t work, force usually worked just as well backed up by Kattari’s own blessing abilities. Again a team forced to be by being the only two they considered family left. Powdery icy blue eyes shined brightly as the fem moved on long tan and dark red legs. Her mostly red form graceful and silent despite the foliage on the ground. They had that lesson beaten into them young by their teacher and care giver, literally in most cases. Considering their past it was nothing to them… Scimitar, despite his bulk, was like wise silent in his march, but the pair of tricolor mostly wolf canines were far from inconspicuous, no.

Behind them tailed behind 3 mythicals all of different breeds. The first and largest of the group was an adult feather winged dragon that normally found himself only tagging along with his partner Scimitar. When Scimitar had gained the egg and the black dragon hatched he had named him Valor for his courage and attacking the at the time very young brute that was there for the hatching. As for the others, Brigade, a Geist Dragon, had been there before Valor was born and was Kattari’s protector, still a teen in age but in mind he was older than the rest of the crew that followed. Pierce was the last of the crew and oddest of them all, currently the dull pink colored hedgehog like creature rode on the Feather wings back. The three mythicals weren’t there to do anything, just a little journey out of the pack lands so that they all could rest as a family.

Danson seemed like a good place to relax for the day, as Kattari stopped and flopped down in a clearing she licked her paw much like a feline would then looked back to the group that had followed. Scimitar went to the river wading in while Pierce settled next to her own and Brigade and Valor hovered over Scimitar watching him as he looked into the river, waiting for the fish to make their way back after being startled away.
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