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« Thread started on: May 15th, 2011, 01:58am »

The blue-hued fem trotted over the River Danson territory with the authority of one who may have owned the place. It wasn't the case with the fem, but Vezpa was a proud canine, she was of fairly noble decent even though she really didn't claim any of it. Her father Itachi was the son and first Heir of Kuna Pack her mother the adopted daughter of the Beta of Earth Pack Taniku. She held some powers here and there, but nothing too strong when it came to her. But she did have connections, and that was what mattered to the icy eyed girl. The fem had no reason to be here today other than to continue to broaden her horizons. So far in her short life she hadn't met very many others. She had met her family, gotten her Smokey Grey dragon Lene, Trent, Fury and a few others who she had seen passing by but didn't really recall their names. They weren't to important or interesting in that case if she couldn't even remember their names.

The grey-blue fem padded along side of the river, her icy eyes moving lazily on the murky water. It was raining, pouring really today and the fem was enjoying it as it ran over her body. The warmer months suited the tri-colored fem a lot more than winter, though she didn't mind winter Vezpa enjoyed the other things that Summer gave that winter can't. Example one: Warm rains. She loved rain, and when it was warm it was even better. The fem paused at the bank of the river and let the rain flow over her. At the bank the trees were thin allowing the young adult mostly wolf fem to freely feel its droplets. It was just nice. And for once she wasn't in a fowl mood. She stung after all, just like a wasp.
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« Reply #1 on: Jun 20th, 2011, 9:56pm »

Character in play: Fluffy

His nap had began before the rain had began. The large smoky-gray brute had found a nice place to nap earlier in the morning. He had curled his very long tail around his body and began to sleep beside a young pine tree. The brute was not at all expecting rain. The Sun was shining when he was last awake. It was hot and only slightly cloudy. Now, Fluffy was getting wet because of his poor judgement. He wasn't even awake yet; the brute remained asleep. If he could, Fluffy would have avoided the rain once he woke up if he had woke up, but the brute remained asleep under the tree.

Fluffy slept not too far in front of Vezpa. He was not hard to miss, either; his gray fur stood out from the pine tree and the wet and somewhat tan dirt. Fluffy's fur was not at all fluffy when it was wet; it was actually darker, and it looked almost silky. His tail looked almost like a rat tail but much fatter. Somehow, the brute managed to stay asleep through the entire downpour so far.
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