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« Thread started on: Dec 17th, 2012, 7:15pm »

((For Perun Please))

The tiger was now an adult. The boy had grown magnificently into the specimen he was today, tall, regal, it was too bad his mind never really caught up too his body. Was Mako dumb? By no means! The tiger boy was as bright as his mother and any of his siblings, but Mako though was energetic, childish nearly 100% of the time choosing to play and be crazy instead of the primp and proper of his mother. Mako very much took more after his father Tov than Taniku. His teal form did little to blend him in with the area, but he didn't mind that so much. He liked to meet others, and he liked to fish over hunting other game, it was probably the only times he held still.

Bounding through the steadily deepening snow, Mako laughed lightly swatting at snow flakes and watching the skies to be dive bombed by a fully grown blue back dragoness by the name of Indigo. She had a habit of dumping loads of snow on his head while he ran around on the ground. So far though the skies were clear of crazy blue dragons dumping snow. The skies were still pouring out the large flakes which made him happy though, he loved snow, and it made him think of the one time he had traveled to Ice and met the Alpha's there. That was a fun trip! He couldn't imagine living in a more fun land!!! Covered in snow nearly all year, lots of little ones to play with all the time! It was the best! He loved his home at Earth, but it felt like the members were a lot more stiff and laid back than the ones he had met at Ice.

Mako continued to run, his large green form a blur as the massive tiger continued barreling through the forest. He was still smaller than the average male tiger, but he still have a full year to keep growing. However, he was a bit more chubby than most of his kin. Strange given he wasn't lazy in the slightest. His bright eyes gleamed as he spotted the blue back a distance away. Circling over the river seemingly certain that he would be heading in that direction. Well, she was right, he was, but he slammed the breaks on and leaped up a tree scaling it quickly until he made it to some of the highest limbs. It was too bad there were no leaves on the trees. If there were he would have never been spotted, but as it was he looked exactly as it would have looked to a passer by. A large cat stuck up in a tree, and he could be seen for quite a distance.
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« Reply #1 on: Dec 19th, 2012, 07:24am »

It was a rare occasion these days for Siamak to not be around his brother. Since their reunion some time ago, the two had been nearly inseperable, despite Faris's frequent attempts at losing him. As the wolfdog boys continued to grow together, however, the large, bulky black brute had begun to realize the warning signs for his brother. Every once in a while, Faris had explained with the dangerous calm that usually meant an outburst and a flash of snarling fang directed his way, as much as he loved him, the slender, more effeminate of the pair needed some time to himself, without Sia's constant questions and puplike mind distracting him from his other thoughts and considerations. Generally Faris could have his more brutish, larger brother off chasing some game for their dinner, despite being a capable hunter himself, but today the long-eared, elegant boy had simply told off his hulking black brother, leaving Sia slinking away on his own.

He had come to the River Danson because he knew it, though not as well as he knew some other places. Winter was obviously upon the Mountain, and once again Sia found himself marveling at the snowfall, his simple mind distracted by the bright, cold white substance and how awfully pretty it made everything. It also made things a bit more difficult to move around, an issue for the slender, three-legged Faris that was little bother for the powerhouse that was Siamak. The wolf-Saluki dog mix was powerfully and fearfully built, with the large, muscular frame of his father honed to perfection by months of training and further hardened by travel. He was overall built like a wolf, half his heritage, though there was a quickness to his gait and a luxurious, silky length to his smokey black pelt that spoke of his domestic bloodlines from his Saluki mother. Faris had inherited more of his mother's build, better for him; he was lithe and sleek, slender and flexible, quite capable of easy and elegant movement despite his missing limb. Sia had often wondered about what would have happened had the tables been turned, had Faris been born whole and he with parts missing, and he was sure that he would not handle himself as well and with such apparent ease as his smaller, clever-er brother.

So he moved through the snow, high-stepping and smiling to himself as a flurry began to start up. He was nearing the river, where he would laugh upon recalling his first winter and Faris's insistances that he lick the frozen water. He'd gotten his tongue stuck... Happy memories or not, the black brute blinked his bright eyes at a sudden flurry of sticks and debris from above. Clueless, Sia glanced left, then right, before casting his fierce, icy blue gaze skyward and seeing a vision of hilarity. The huge blue-green tiger, clinging to the leafless limbs of a high tall tree and staring out at the mountain sent a booming volley of laughter rumbling from the wolfdog's chest, and he wore a wide smile as he called up to Mako.

"What are you doing up there?" he wondered cheerily, feathery-furred tail wagging slowly. The two were likely of comparable age, though it was difficult to tell considering their different species.

(( Character(s) in play: Siamak ))
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