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Jan 19th, 2018, 04:44am

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Cold, icy water dripped from the ceiling, creating a puddle around Peril's paws. She awoke, red eyes scanning the dark cave's walls around her. The ceiling was dripping water again, like always. Purple paws pushed the snow from the entrance to outside, making room for herself to squeeze out. Winter, the most dangerous time of year for Mountain Kara. Peril would know, since she lived here all her life. Blizzards were more common, and chances of ascending to the peak of the unforgiving mountain were slim to none. Not like that was to her concerns anyway, she had climbed up and Kara many times before. In every season. Peril emerged from the entryway, her daily routines coming into play yet again. She opened her maw and yawned, her breath visible in the air. Today wasn't special, but she wished she wasn't so secluded from the rest of the world. She barely ever got to meet any other creatures, and when she does, they usually never return. Peril wanted to make friends, but that wasn't possible if she stayed here. So today, Peril decided to leave off of the mountain and explore the world. Yes, it could be scary out there, but also could be life changing good or bad. White orbs floated around her shoulders, another gift from the mountain aye? The fly blessing could do her well, now she could travel more speedily and conveniently. Peril had no wings, but it wasn't like there was nothing there at all. Activating the Fly Blessing, she lifted off the snow and prepared to head off into a random direction.

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