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xx *Cursed with a dream*
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The white wolfess traveled to these unknown lands. not as unknown as some of the others here. this was the other side of the famous Wolf mountain. She remembered looking down at this side from the top peak. The song that she had made for Alue's star was stuck in her head, 'Serious shine bright, rise up, rise up from the clouuuudyy night...' She bobbed her head back and forth carelessly. Though she nodded carelessly she was actually alert as always. The wolfess traveled along the side of the mountain of the place she was named ‘A Wanderer.’ Her mission was to gather a precious gemstone for her new necklace she would build. Rachel should be meeting her at Lake of Reflection at some point. That is where she would get everything else she needed, including the leather string, the cap to put it on, and the eight small metal rings. Rachel would carve the gemstone into the shape Alue wanted.

"Tell me if you see one." She said as she looked beside her at the crow that was flying beside her. Onyx looked at her and replied, “We’ll never find a black diamond.” Alue rolled her eyes and said, “There is such gemstone so if we look we will find. I’m sure Crescent is up here with one. She has almost everything.” Onyx finally agreed with a nod and said, “I guess she would at least point us in the direction of one.” Alue just nodded as they made their way up to the top of the mountain. This was going to be easy and Alue knew it. They finally reached the top after slipping a ways down several times. She was usually an expert but today she was in a hurry. She saw her dead daughter who forgave Alue for killing her, after all crescent liked being dead as she said.

Alue smiled and said, “I wish I could nuzzle you but can I have a black diamond from your collection?” Crescent looked at her mom and ‘nuzzled’ her. “Let me see what I have.” She grabbed her pouch and searched the containers. “Blue diamond, white, clear, yellow, red,” she said to herself, “Black… here they are.” She said as she showed her mom the available gemstones. “Thank you sweetie. I love you.” Alue said as she picked out the perfect sized one. She hooked it on onyx’s metal thing on his claw and turned back to Crescent. “I guess I’ll see you later when you mine at Lake of Reflection.” She said as she went on her way down the mountainside. Onyx nodded at crescent and flew back to Alue.
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