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Post by Perun on Dec 21st, 2012, 07:24am

(( Character in play: Beira ))

The phoenix flew high above the lands, casting her smokey violet gaze on the snowy grounds below. Typically birds didn't do much flying in the cold winter months, much less at the altitude the firebird was presently at, nearing mountain peaks, but then again Beira was no ordinary bird. Immortal, beautiful, and warmed by the fire that once a season consumed her, the phoenix had no need to fear for her safety as she flew through the crisp, cold winter air. Winter was such a lovely time, she thought, though to be honest she felt that way about every season; winter, though, especially, and its opposite, spring, had places in her heart. During winter, the cold killed everything, but it was all so much more stark, so real in its frozen, dead state. Likewise when spring came and the earth opened up again, children were born and life leapt back into the world, everything was so vibrant and green she couldn't help but be delighted by it. Beira was young, as phoenixes went, but even so was one of the wisest creatures around by the nature of her species, and recognizing the beauty in both life and death came with her simple existence.

Though unaffected by the cold and buffeting winds, the firebird was beginning to grow tired, and so began a steady descent to the earth again. She was on that famed wolf-headed mountain from which the territory she had been born onto was named for, and during her calm, easy descent had pinpointed an appropriate area to rest. With an easy slope, Beira alighted onto the low, stark naked branches of a large mountainside tree, gripping her chosen perch with powerful claws and casting her bright-eyed gaze on the snowy earth below. A few embers from her fiery tail dropped to the ground, smouldering quietly beneath her. Generally she was not disturbed, though, she supposed, there was a first time for anything. She had missed her first granting of a blessing during her first cycle, though felt no pain; there was no penalty for not bestowing her gifts to others, and indeed withholding blessings were a pleasure of her distinctly fickle kind, but perhaps with the season she would be feeling a bit more... giving.
Post by Flaming Rose on Dec 22nd, 2012, 4:51pm

Blade had failed to find Cortana or a life blessing on his way here. He was starting to feel pretty pathetic when it came to doing anything in this d**ned form. The spirit moved at a trot, climbing the mountain as quickly as he could. He had failed to get the life blessing from the other phoenix that was called Garuda and debated on trying to see if he could speak with the one he had dealt with before named Tanato. That Phoenix knew who he was, knew of what he had done before he died and knew he kept his end of the deals. Why did he come here then? Well, Cortana was much more likely to be up Wolf Mountain than looming around those who were already dead at the prayer grounds. She would never go there unless it was to do business with a phoenix but seeing as she was alive... He couldn't see her having done much with that. If she was alive. He reminded himself again. He was traveling on rumors nothing more, the whole thing that brought him out of his trinket and made him start wandering the mountain in this form again. It seemed his bond with Cortana was cut because he was dead or they were dead, either way it was gone, he couldn't feel her.

That more than anything seemed to tear at his mind.

Not having her constant communication was taking some getting used too. Her little quirks and jokes that so often said when she was out to kill someone. Her company, that he had not been without since he was a child, was something he missed. He didn't care that he was dead if he was with her he would be happier than he was now. Of course he would hate being dead but at least he would be with her again. He shook his head teal eyes steeling as he looked ahead and continued to the top. Cortana always liked a challenge, mountains always seemed to be a pick of a place for her, but as he went up the easy slopes of Wolf Mountain the hybrid was certain that she wasn't here. He sighed not sure what he was still doing here now that he had figured this out. But such was life. He didn't see the other phoenix just continued to make his way towards the top. Unaware that he was in the presence of yet another immortal.
Post by Perun on Dec 23rd, 2012, 08:19am

Immortal though she was, Beira hadn't been on the Mountain for a very long time at all. She knew no others of her kind, though she was well aware of their existence. Being so young, the bright-eyed firebird had yet to encounter a considerable amount of things. She knew no dragons, no unicorns, no other phoenix - and very few other, non-mythical creatures, though her flighty nature didn't consider this too great a loss. If she was to be solitary, so be it; it wouldn't bother her to spend the rest of her days a passive observer, indeed, her immortality meant that she was necessarily separated from other residents of the Mountain. Lives could be given and taken, longevity extended, and death's permanence all but laughed at, but every beast on this earth that drew breath would meet death sooner or later. Except, of course, for herself, and the others of her kind.

Among the long list of things Beira hadn't seen or encountered in her short life on Wolf Mountain was a spirit, so the fact that one crossed her path as she sat musing and warming herself in her own embers brought a smile flitting across her beak. Every movement the young phoenix made was like fire, flickering or burning or flitting or steady, it seemed she simply embodied the element. Even her pale violet eyes sparked, amusement gleaming in the pale, intense gaze as it followed the fleeting wolf-ghost across the land below her. "Are you dead, wolf?" she called, voice high and giddy, mature despite her youth. She was an immortal, after all, and it would not do for an immortal to sound childish.

"I wasn't aware the dead had anywhere to be. Why are you moving so fast, wolf?" she asked curiously, her voice mellifluous and lilting despite the obvious tint of teasing in her tones.