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Feb 22nd, 2018, 12:14am

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xx Flashback, do not respond.
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The young pup stood menacingly in front of the rattlesnake, barking threats and bared useless teeth. The diamond back reptile hissed as it showcased it's own venomous fangs and used its muscles to pull into an almost standing position. Kestrel stood entirely still, not wanting to push the snake to strike her daughter. Chameleon. She thought. Chameleon was the one who told her that this place would be the safest to dwell, but never said anything about venomous snakes and poisonous plants. Peril was growling and standing tall like she didn't care if the reptile attacks, and she died as a a puppy. There would be no just stepping back and leaving the snake, it clearly wanted Peril for its next meal, but hadn't striked yet because of her obnoxious barking in defence to that. The rattler went low and shot it's head and neck forward, targeting one of her limbs. Just then, Kestrel leapt in the way and it bit her paw, and she felt the poison flow into her bloodstream like fire. The snake recoiled backwards, slithering away while it watched it's victim scream. Kestrel didn't have much time left, so she stood on her paws again and took Peril by the scruff. Padding quickly away into the distance to take her to a safer place for Peril before she would succumb to the venomous bite.
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