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-x-Through The Flames-x-
Post by Flaming Rose on Apr 9th, 2010, 8:41pm

Character In Play: Wild Fire

The brute darted about with ease around the mostly flat area he now ran across, his long legs carrying him at high speeds tongue lolling out of his mouth. The brute took mostly after his mother, but some markings of his father, both of them were ranks of Ice making him fairly known with in the pack. Wild Fire however didn't particularly like staying at the den all the time... Crest, his sister, had already taken to traveling about the mountain returning occasionally. Rank duties had been keeping their parents busy so today the teen had slipped away from his home at Ice and here he was. These lands, where different, they had a smell of others but it was stale and old and it felt as if there was a protective barrier over this section of land. His dark red tipped ears flicked lightly as he skidded to a stop his long tan legs easily halting his motion.

Wild Fire did look mostly like his mother... Dark red-brown fur on his back and over the top of his head and bridge of his nose, fading down to a lighter red then to the tan that took over the remainder of the rest of his body. The two things he had taken from his father, the bright emerald orbs and a bright red cross on his chest, identical to that of his father. Otherwise Wild Fire was his own. The mostly red teen felt himself yawn widely, even outside of his home he had found little to entertain himself with. He needed buddies other than his siblings, and it didn't help that all he had were sisters... Fire Flower, Ice and Crest they were nice to have around but just not enough he couldn't rough and tumble with them as much as he would like, particularly Fire Flower and Ice and Crest just wasn't around enough to tussle with when he needed it. One would think the constant training with his Father and Karasu would be enough, but that was training, Wild wanted to test his skills on others as well.

The teen continued at a walk threw the grass that was quickly growing as Summer neared, sticking out against all the green that surrounded him with little impunity for what could happen to him outside of the lands. He wasn't one to mess with, not with his linage and training...
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Post by Bandido on Apr 9th, 2010, 9:13pm

Bjorn was venturing out of the pack more and more. He cared for his parents, and his siblings, but it was time to strike out and do things on his own. There were few friends he'd made both in and out of the pack. Bjorn was more of an observer, a task which proved more difficult at times due to his lack of depth perception. Being blind in his right eye did have its draw backs, yet it never held him down. Bjorn led a normal life. His family didn't treat him any different, like he was less capable, so it was as if he wasn't disabled. The panther certainly didn't appear to have issues with it. His paws carried him as they saw fit. Today was a nice spring day, one that drew him to a new place.

His eyes a dark blue, though the blind one clearly paler from the natural fog it held, scanned the area. It wasn't much, yet he found a measure of comfort here. A few trees here and there, but the open field was quite a sight. A light breeze carried over. This was quite a place to be. Bjorn felt a very cub-like urge to romp through the flowers. And the urge to romp took over. He was no cub, but certainly not fully grown. The black panther bounded through, causing many an insect to flutter and hop away. Ah, it was beautiful! Hina was never this outgoing and playful, even in terms of dragons. And his sister, she'd gone off to her own ends. Bjorn wasn't upset by this, but like Wild Fire, he too had the urge to have a friend to tussle with every now and again.

And then, his lack of depth perception got him again. His paws found a rock that he had spied much soon than expected and sent him tumbling. Almost immediately, he rolled and was on all fours, shaking himself off laughing at his own failure to paw full attention to his surrounds. That was when he spied Wild Fire.

The scent on the breeze was familiar, if one considered the smell of Ice familiar. Bjorn hadn't met many in the pack, let alone the other ranks save for his uncle Lucien. And from what he'd heard, and the smells he'd picked up, Wild Fire looked like he belonged to Orchid, at least from the description he'd heard of the pack's lower beta. His rounded ears flicked as he made his way towards the wolf. He was definitely interested in making a friend, especially one from the pack. "Nice day out, don't you think?" Bjorn said as he drew closer. He was naturally trusting, and even here things seemed alright to let down one's guard just a little bit.
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Post by Flaming Rose on Apr 9th, 2010, 10:34pm

Wild Fire turned his head suddenly at the sound of another. He was so wrapped up in though he hadn't even heard the panther coming, however, he didn't berate himself, the cat seemed friendly and Ilya his adopted brother was a prime example of a friendly feline, though this one looked nothing like Ilya. "It is specially out here." He said not missing in a beat that this panther was from Wild Fire's home as well. Actually the cub smelled a bit like Lucien. Covering the short distance between them in a few quick bounds Wild Fire again skidded to a halt ears perked and emerald eyes sparkling lightly with the abundance of energy he always seemed to hold. "I'm Wild Fire, the son of Higher Beta Cross Fire and Lower Beta Orchid." He announced knowing that the cub would most likely know or have at least heard of one or both of his parents. "No special treatment here though, that stuff drives me nuts!" He said with a laugh wagging his tail lightly. Sure his linage did give him the right to special treatment but Wild Fire never wanted to take up either one of his parents positions... To boring for someone like him to be in politics. No, he wanted to be a warrior of epic proportions! And his father said that he would make him just that, some day at least...

"What's your name?" He asked good natured the red and tan banner still waving over his back. It was nice, someone that was familiar but not, hopefully a new friend in the making for the young energetic brute. "and What brings you out of Ice on such a fine day as this?" Wild Fire looked Bjorn over noticing the foggy eye but not lingering on it. His 'niece' Tethe'Alla was partially blind as well as many others he had spotted about the pack. His tail waved again waiting for the response the black cat would provide.

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Post by Bandido on Apr 11th, 2010, 2:56pm

Bjorn's tail lashed back and forth. A broad smile creased his muzzle at the returned statement. With the introduction, the partial thought he'd had about Wild Fire belonging to Orchid was correct. But Cross Fire as well! Bjorn didn't know that the Higher and Lower Betas were mates. But then again, he didn't really worry much about those sorts of things. A wolf was just a wolf, and a panther was just a panther. Unless they held the rank themself, Bjorn wasn't inclined to treat them as anything but a potential friend. He did not want special treatment for his partial blindness, so he would not give it in return if it wasn't necessary.

"Wild Fire! Quite a name. I hope you live up to it," Bjorn said with a very mischeivous feline grin. "My name is Bjorn, old Norse meaning bear if I remember right. Funny enough, my uncle Lucien is Beta. But no special treatment here either. It ruins things, you know," The panther teen laughed lightly, his tail still lashing. His blue eyes remained on the wolf as he pondered on the question he was asked. The answer was simple enough, "Just needed to get out of the back. The chill is nice, but I just needed some fresh air to run."

"What about you? Some time away from the same old thing at home?" Bjorn asked with a tilt of his head. The panther felt himself getting antsy. He did well to control himself, but the weather was too perfect to just stand around and chat. Surely Wild Fire felt the same way. But Bjorn guessed to get the niceties over now, and tussle and romp to your hearts content later. That way there'd be now awkwardness in the long run.
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Post by Flaming Rose on Apr 11th, 2010, 4:14pm

Wild Fire laughed at the felines enthusiastic reply and was happy to see that the feline wasn’t inclined to treat him any different than any other. That alone was enough to make him feel better about this whole meeting with another in his pack. His tail waved wildly about behind him and then the wolf responded with a laugh, “More so I think! Definitely fill the ‘Wild’ part! Working on the “Fire’ still though.” The mostly red brute chuckled lightly, “That’s why, I think, that everyone tends to just call me Wild.” His emerald eyes glinted, “I was a handful when I was little, still am.” It was half a warning and half an invitation to test the free will of this canine. He wondered though if Bjorn could keep up with the never ending energy Wild tended to let lose. Oh if only it could be bottled and given to others.

The brute pondered the felines name for a bit. Bear, Bjorn. That was an interesting name, probably said something about Bjorn too. The emerald eyes drifted over the panther for a moment thinking about that letting his mind drift to the possibility of having indeed found a fighting partner but for now that would be pressed aside for other thoughts.

“Same here, I needed to run for a long time and fast! Just harder to do at home given the rocks and snow.” He said with a shrug, “That and I wanted away from my sisters.” Little did he know one had followed him here, but he wasn’t paying enough attention to notice nor would he go to her. “So this surely will be a fateful day.” Wild Fire said feeling himself start dancing on his paws with the growing energy from the meeting, he could feel that Bjorn was itching to move as well.

He gave one bound so that he was set parallel to Bjorn then ran around the feline in one tight circle. “Well come on then! If we are here for a run and to stretch our legs lets move!” It was like Wild Fire then jumped 4 feet straight up into the air in excitement darting off quickly around the panther tagging him slightly on the side with his maw as he passed before going into the openness of the fields. “Catch me if you can!” He cheered bounding about much like a jack rabbit.
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Post by Bandido on Apr 24th, 2010, 3:16pm

"Well then Wild, we'll have to get you to earn that Fire," Bjorn said with enthusiasm. What good was a name if you couldn't live up to it fully. He didn't doubt that in Wild Fire, he would earn his fire in due time, Bjorn knew it. His tail continued to lash, his toes even seemed to begin twitching with anticipation.

Bjorn listened and nodded. It seemed there were some more similiarities between the two than the panther teen might have initially expected, even if it only involved their family life. Then, the feline nodded in agreement. "A fateful day indeed. I guess I can say I'm surprised we didn't come across each other in the pack, but then again maybe it's not so surprising," he said as he began to shift his weight across his forepaws. Wild Fire's bound certainly did not quell the anticipation.

The feline kept his blue eyes on his new found friend as he circled him quickly. Bjorn wasn't surprised by the sudden burst, let alone jumping up and then darting off into the open field. The panther didn't need to be told twice to take off after him. With a laugh, Bjorn was off, trailing behind Wild Fire in a mad dash. It wasn't long before the panther had caught up. Naturally, he swatted at Wild Fire's tail. A simple reminder he would have him quickly if he wasn't careful.

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Post by Scarlet Amaya on Jan 24th, 2014, 02:53am

The young lone, teenage wolf slid out of her den and out into the woods. Her red bangs suddenly jerked away and the wolf shrieked in pain. A twig entangled in her bangs. She angrily untwined them from the branch and went on her way

She climbed the high mountain where a full moon shone brighter than ever. "like a emerald" the wolf said. She threw back her head and let out a long deep howl.

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