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A Collie's duty is to protect others.


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xx The Wanderer
« Thread started on: May 8th, 2007, 03:23am »

name: Toric Cresentarian
callname: Toric
rank: Gamma
age: elder
species: collie dog
gender: male
color/markings: tricolor
eye color: dark brown
side: good
birthdate: 12/1/00
parents: Syrith and Tarin
adoptive parents: Lily and Sirius
siblings: Lestat
mate: Redd_Wolf
pups: Angel, Madison, Tannin, Ebony (the 2nd), Tomoe, Enishi, Sean, Sapphire, Michangel, Deryn, Shirokiba, Wintemoon, Sethriku, Kali, Selena, Pyrrhus, Quirinus
adopted offspring: Eve, Athena, Desert Storm
mythicals: Taraquil (dead), Alkali (dead), Antares (dead), Ivan (dead), Kraehe, Durante
common - Fire, Water, Earth, Breath, Flower Power, Poison Barb, Tiny, Rain, Snow, Bubble Chair, Greenpaw, Mitternacht
uncommon - Fire Breath, Water Breath, Ice, Fly, Lightning, Ice Beam, Cloud, Growth, Jelly Bean, Teleport, Star, Mer-Creature, Me, Trickster, Sweet Dreams, Morning Wake, Terra Cell, Regain, Plant Life, Immortal Youth (use on oct 26)
hard to get - Heal, Wound Healer, Bond(used), Cheese Parts, Moon Crest, Dragon Heart, Nightmare, Arakave, Life
impossible - Yiola, Fog
rank only - Ijanto, Tadaroth, Blood Bond, Unocommonine
other - Kid'mi, Superglue Special Edition, Vegetarian Turkey, Egg Nog, Antlers
Extra: black vulture wings (faded in specks and patches to look like a cloudy night sky), claw marks on right side of face, telepathic bond with Redd_Wolf
Subject: ~wanderer~

Toric was born in Scencera, a packland of wolves and dogs with the ability to shapeshift into a half-human "crinos" form.
(This power is bound to the land, and thus not usable to Toric when he's in the Wolf Mountain region)
Scencera had fallen under the rule of an evil warlord called Te'ki, who received a prophecy indicating that he would be overthrown by the collie and one other Scenceran pup. Toric and his playmate, Redd, were promptly banished.

Arriving on Wolf Mountain, Toric and Redd settled readily into their new lives, too young at first to think about returning.
It was during this early time that Toric met Sirius, a hero of the first great Wolf Mountain war, and coincidentally a tricolor collie like Toric. Hero-worship was inevitable, and it was from Sirius that Toric adopted the motto; "a collie's duty is to protect others".
(Actually I'd just joined a month earlier, saw some characters talking about the war and Sirius, and thought he sounded Totally Awesome... so Toric was literally created from that spark of hero-worship.)

Redd and Toric were too comfortable on Wolf Mountain to leave it for more than a couple brief excursions to the outskirts of their homeland, but this changed unexpectedly, in a nightmarish turn of events.
Something was wrong with Sirius. That was all anyone would tell Toric. Frustrated and worried, he withdrew into himself, becoming brusque and uncaring.
Lestat says it was a madness carried in the collie's bloodline. Mal thinks it was the prophecy punishing Toric for ignoring it. Whatever the reason, Tor began to question his purpose in life, convincing himself that there was too much Good on the mountain, causing an unnatural imbalance. Sirius could see it, he thought - why else would his hero be turning against his friends? Correcting that imbalance seemed the right thing to do, so Toric embraced Evil, and asked Redd to join him.
"The universe requires a balance between light and dark... I am the dark."
(If you've ever played Kingdom Hearts II, I want to point out that I said it first. wink )
When Redd refused, Toric proceeded to slaughter their children. The act shocked him out of whatever madness had possessed him, and he flew away, knowing that he'd hurt Redd far to much to deserve being in her presence, with or without forgiveness.

Toric spent several months traveling, winding up in one adventure after another as he tried to redeem himself. During this journey he met Silver, a blind collie who fell in love with him. When he shared his story, however, Silver told him to go back to Redd, insisting that if she truly loved him, she would rather have him with her no matter what he'd done in the past. As much as he missed Redd, it didn't take any more convincing than that. Toric set out for home.
By chance, this journey led him through Scencera, where old friends were staging a revolution. Toric stayed long enough to help them overthrow Te'ki, although the warlord escaped with his life.

Redd did forgive Toric when he came back to her, and the two resumed the life they'd had before his bout of madness. Toric met his younger brother, raised more pups, and made a name for himself as a healer during this period, but Scencera wasn't finished with them yet.
Te'ki had survived, hiding out in the ruins of Scencera's neighbor, Lunarla - a city he'd destroyed during his initial takeover. Now he was attacking again, and Toric was summoned back to help, this time with both Redd and Lestat at his side.
The battle culminated in a showdown between Toric, Te'ki and Redd. It was during this encounter that Toric acquired the claw-mark scars across his right eye. The fight was abruptly ended when Lestat's dragon, Hyperion, swooped in and blasted Te'ki down with a breath of fire.

Although the prophecy was fulfilled, Toric never lost his lust for adventure, nor his sense of heroism. In a way, he is still trying to redeem himself and to understand what happened to him in that moment when he harmed his family. Dealing with his brother serves as a sort of catharsis for this, as Lestat's life has been almost a reversal of his own - steeped in Evil yet turning now and then to taste Good.
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There are no happy endings, because nothing ends.

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A Collie's duty is to protect others.


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xx The Counterparts
« Reply #1 on: Jan 11th, 2012, 11:04pm »

name: Lestat
aliases: Tatsel, Lelio
age: adult
species: collie

gender: male

color/markings: sable
eye color: ice blue

side: neutral-evil
birthdate: 12/1/02
parents: Syrith and Tarin
siblings: Toric
ex-mate: Lily (the 2nd)
mate: Katannah
pups: Merenwen, Kosha, Lelio, Sylver, Sorrowpaw, Julian, Kelacio, Amir, Nosferatu, Lilith, Leoros
mythicals: Hyperion (dead), TigRis (dead), Miscoa
common - Fire, Water, Earth, Breath, Poison Barb, Swap, Bubble Chair, Gills, Flower Power, Bind, Vapour, ADOS
uncommon - Fly, Fire Breath, Water Breath, Teleport, Lightning, Me, Growth, Sweet Dreams, Blinding Light, Thunderous Noise
hard to get - Tigerlily, Illusion, Contort, Falling Chair, Invisibility, Dragon Heart, Freedom, Moon Crest
other - Night Eyes, Eye Shield, P.S.C.B., Santa Hat, Superglue Special Edition, Sleep Easy, Wake at Dawn, Festive Phantoms, Opendearly, Ij-Mrror-Ij, -főŗ-ŏů, Phoenix Fire
extra: white feathered stubs where wings used to be
subject: ~wingless~ or ~vindicated~

On the run from the warlord Te'ki, Lestat's parents were killed in the wilderness. As a lost and orphan puppy, Lestat fell in with a bad crowd from the first day he arrived on Wolf Mountain. Nearly killed by the evil fox, Firepaw, he was rescued by an equally cruel wolf named Kirik, who intended to raise him as her apprentice. She failed to keep him isolated from the other side of Wolf Mountain, however. He met Redd, the mate of his elder brother whom he'd only heard stories of. He also had two beloved friends his own age - a wolf named Nyte and a collie named Lily (of no relation to Toric's foster mother). Under their good influence, Lestat learned to question his master's methods. When he openly defied her, she replaced him with Tazendre, setting the new apprentice to hunt down and slay the old.
Expecting this, Lestat managed to reach a compromise with his replacement. Tazendre was allowed to rip off Lestat's right ear and bring it back to Kirik as "proof" of the kill, while a shocked and wounded Lestat sought sanctuary with the humans.
During his stay in the city, Lestat acquired the Tigerlily blessing, and started a lifelong tradition of using his tiger form to visit the mountain in disguise. In this way, he reunited with Lily, and it became evident that their childhood friendship had blossomed into quite a bit more.
Now fully grown and confident that he could deal with Kirik if she came after him again, Lestat took up the mantle of Good and settled down to raise his first family with Lily. He might have continued to follow in his brother Toric's pawsteps, if Lily had not fallen ill and died. Grief-stricken, Lestat joined Toric and Redd in the fight for their homeland, Scencera, and died in battle.

When he came back, he had begun to change. Revived by some unstudied magic of the lands beyond Wolf Mountain, his soul was already twisted by the time he came across the Vampire Heart blessing. That transformation erased any hope of salvaging the kind and heroic Lestat.
Starved for a purpose in life and driven half-mad by the vampire curse, he set himself the goal of becoming the next great warlord of Wolf Mountain, following a historical line which included the names of Sievben, Lord Blackwind, and now even his rival, Tazendre.
Forming a temporary alliance with Kirik and Taz, he began to build his first army....
And the rest is history.

name: Malico (ghost)
callname: Mal
age: adult
species: wolf

gender: male

color/markings: dark rust red w/ ash grey points
eye color: amber

side: neutral
joining date: 7/11/05
mother: Sera (father unknown)
blessings: Fire, Fly, Sunlight, Icy Mist, Jelly Bean, Mistletoe, Falling Chair, Wound Healer
extra: bird of paradise wings, blind in right eye
subject: ~shadow of the past~

Mal was originally introduced as Te'ki (and played by Treashin), an evil warlord who ruled over Toric and Redd's homeland, Scencera, and was responsible for their banishment and subsequent arrival at Wolf Mountain. In their youth, Tor and Redd traveled back to Scencera to confront Te'ki. The battle ended when Te'ki was badly burned by the dragon Hyperion and presumed dead.
A year later (on his "joining date" listed above), Mal stumbled upon Wolf Mountain, starving and feverish. He encountered Redd_Wolf, who soon realized this was her old enemy, minus his memories. Still, she and Toric made an effort to forgive and help him. The persona of Mal had developed separately from that of Te'ki, and as he recovered, his split personalities clashed. Losing control, he murdered Redd and Toric's son, Shirokiba, then ran in shame to Scencera. Toric and Redd followed him, accompanied by their daughter, Wintermoon. In the tunnel network beneath Scencera, they witnessed a mystical struggle between Mal and his alter ego. Mal won the fight, but in an ironic twist of fate, he was killed saving Wintermoon from the collapsing tunnel. Since then, his spirit has haunted Toric, serving as a constant companion and adviser.
Toric has offered on more than one occasion to resurrect him, but Mal is not yet ready to face life again.
(I'm really looking forward to the day when Mal changes his mind...)
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There are no happy endings, because nothing ends.
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