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Jan 19th, 2018, 04:16am

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« Thread started on: Oct 18th, 2013, 5:10pm »

Figured I would try this again.

Name: Talaz
DoB: 24/03/2011
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf

Rank: None... Yet
Origin: Wolf Mountain
Side: Neutral
Pack Affiliation: Wind Gale

Description: Talaz has a dark grey head, a light grey body, and a dark grey tail. She has a thick purple line starting from the top of her mane, and going down her neck and halfway along her back, along with a red line underneath that, and her chest is red. Her left ear is tipped with purple, and her right is tipped with red. Her ear insides are light grey, and the outsides are dark grey. Her front paws are dark grey, her back left paw is red, with a short line of purple at the back of her leg, her inner toe on her right hind leg is purple, and a short line of red on the back of that leg.
Personality: Feisty, sharp, and not very open, but she is also very intelligent, but quick to jump to conclusions. She has a slight power to detect how other creatures are feeling, which she probably gets from her mother, and that is enhanced with her Empathy blessing.
History: (I'll do this now, or I probably won't do it later.) When she was a young pup, she witnessed her mother being murdered by her father. Soon after, he took her and left her to fend for herself, before she was picked up by crazed scientists. They tested out a permanent, complex dye on her(hence her purple - the red is natural, but the purple is not), then also chucked her out. Soon, she and her sister found each other, and all was quite fine, until one stormy night, something snapped in her that caused her to kill her sister. To this day, she still has no idea what it was. She then found Nayte a couple months later, and kept annoying him till he gave in and gradually started giving her pickings from the food his parents gave him and his brothers. As she got older, she learnt how to hunt, and soon started returning Nayte his favour, for his brothers cast him out and wouldn't let him eat. His parents kicked him and his brothers out, and he and Talaz were companions for a while, until they drifted apart. After another few months, they began being good friends again, but what Talaz didn't know, Nayte was depressed and suicidal. She sort of picked up on it, and wouldn't let him go anywhere on his own soon after it got confirmed. Then, one day, Nayte took her into the human lands, led her up to the top of one of the buildings, and made her watch him jump off, unable to do anything, for her blessing power was useless. She doesn't blame him, she blames herself of course. She started living in a cave near to Shama Forest, but while her newly acquainted dragon, Rushe, was out hunting, the cave collapsed, trapping her inside it. For weeks, she drank from a stream that ran through the cave, and caught an occasional fish for food. This lasted too long, and soon she was half-crazy. Her mind calmed down though, when the rocks were took snail-slow away by Darko, whom she thinks is a stranger but really, he has been there the whole time. Shortly after, it got around to her that Wind Gale and Ice were up for grabs, so she claimed Wind Gale, half in honour of Nayte. In only a few minutes, she was challenged for it, but managed to keep hold, just about. And that leads her to where she is now. (Whew!)

Mate: None... Yet
Offspring: None... Yet
Other Family: Father(Drake), 'Mother'(*wink wink*)(Anonymous(Deceased)), Brother(Burst(Disappeared)), Sister(Anonymous(Deceased),

Acquaintances: Drake; Mother; Sister; Burst; Nayte; Feathertip; Rushe; Tyryn; Rteroi; Kiyoro; Hyphon; Patriot; Keera; Dresden; Juniper; Kneeri; Kandro; Mycroft; Bandit's Rage; Kouhei; Wren
Mythicals: Rushe (Holly-Berry Feasting Dragon), Hyphon (Soul Eater Dragon)
Blessings: Fly, Mitternacht, Snow, Sweet Dreams, Agile, Holiday Miracle, Flower Power, Rain, Gills, Greenpaw, Cloud, Bad Breath, Earth, Poison Barb, Tiny, Bubble Chair, Swap, Vapour, Chameleon, Needs Steak Sauce, Tenderizer, ADOS, Dust, Iron, Agile, Heavy, Infest, Spark, Breath, Fire Breath, Water, Water Breath, Boil, Regain, The Birds, Soapity, Holiday Miracle, Jellybean Of Indigestion, Gift, Fool's Gold, Gold, Ghosts Of The Past, Regain, Agile, Life, Lightning, Swap, Death Stop, Inferno, Myrrh, Temptation, Eclipse, Life Dissolve, Regain, Breeze, Indignation, Regain, Teleport, Regain, Bad Breath, Stubborn Resistance, Empathy, Bad Breath, Cross Bones 'n' Skulls, Life, Heal, Living Force, Dance With Demons, Cape Of Shadows, Fear, Fog, Star, Throwing Stones, Contort, Spitfire, Wound Healer, Death, Plant Life, Krampus, Life, Vampire Heart, Sunblock, Feral, Holiday Bulb Smash!
Miscellaneous: Upside down black cross on left shoulder, black line running around left leg.
Namesake: None really..

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